Welcome to PlanetJill


Welcome to the Party!

We are excited to have you join our team!  It’s easy and fun to earn money with PlanetJill.  Founded in 2002 PlanetJill is known for it's high quality, unique photo jewelry and gift line.  Our Reps enjoy a flexible schedule, are passionate about our line, and are outgoing, motivated, and interested in organizing parties and gatherings to help customers find the perfect jewelry piece.


It's Easy to Sell PlanetJill!

•  PlanetJill makes high quality, unique products

•  Water-proof jewelry and easy care

•  PlanetJill offers gifts for any occasion

•  You get to offer your customers an exclusive everyday discount on our products.

•  All of our beautifully wrapped pieces get shipped directly to your customer, leaving you without the headache of distributing. 


There are lots of Ways to Sell PlanetJill...

•  Host your own PlanetJill Parties - it's a great way to visit with friends and family!

•  Encourage others to host PlanetJill Parties.  They will be rewarded with gifts and credits!

•  Wear your jewelry and share your cards and catalogs!  Word of mouth is easy and effective!


Here's the Fun Part! Commission and Discounts:

•  You earn commissions 25% on all of your direct sales

•  You get discounts on the items you purchase for yourself!


Other things to know about PlanetJill:

•  Annual Sales Requirement of only $2500 per year and minimal annual fee of $50.

•  All orders are submitted through your own online interface on our website. 

•  Reps are prohibited from marketing on the internet such as setting up their own PlanetJill website. Reps market directly to people through parties, word of mouth, catalog distribution, and personal emails.

• PlanetJill actively markets its products to its own web customers and runs spontaneous promotions.

•  PlanetJill has an open territory policy and can assign Reps in any area.


To Get Started:

You will need to purchase our Rep Sales Kit ($145).  This includes samples, display pieces, catalogs, business cards, and everything else you'll need to start selling!  To view or purchase the Sales Kit, click here.

We can't wait for you to join us!