PlanetJill Party Program

If you have a great group of friends and family, and would love to help them make unforgettable jewelry while earning oodles of store credit for yourself, you're the perfect person to throw a PlanetJill Party!

Our Party Program is super simple. Here's how it works:


1) Sign up to host a party by renting a Party Kit (Kit includes over 15 PlanetJill samples, you only pay $1 plus shipping!)

2) We'll send you a Party Kit, as well as a unique Party Discount Code for you to share with your guests. This will allow them to place orders at  20% Off the normal retail price! 


3) Invite all of your friends and family!

4) Throw your party! The party is a time to try on samples, look through our catalog, and for guests to reserve the items that they would like to purchase with the Party  Discount. Your guests don't have to bring their photos, since they will order at home after the party ends.

5) After the party ends, your guests will have two weeks to visit our website and purchase with your discount code. We'll keep you posted about orders coming in, so you know who to gently nudge! After the two weeks are up, we'll calculate your store credit based upon all of the orders placed at the party. Your store credit will be 30% of the subtotal for the party (subtotal does not include tax or shipping costs). For example, if your order subtotal is $1500, you'll earn $450 in store credit!

6) Return your Party Kit to PlanetJill using a pre-paid UPS label and envelope. Start dreaming of ways to spend your store credit:)